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Treasure Hunter – Meteor Storm

Eyes towards sky last week on Treasure Hunter – there exists a Meteor Storm on!

From 00:00 UTC (game time) on 6th March until 23:59 UTC on 9th March, all Treasure Hunter lamps and stars are going to be replaced by meteorites and space dust, respectively.buy runescape gold

These become prismatic lamps and stars, which has a difference – they grant +25% XP or Bonus XP over the usual amount for the level! If you undertake to use them in a of your five lowest skills, that'll increase to +75%!

Remember that if an individual or maybe more of your five lowest skills is 99 as well as your Dungeoneering is between 99 and 120, Dungeoneering is going to be entitled to the boosted XP.

Your five eligible skills will be highlighted in the skill selection interface.

Heart warming some celestial gains a few days ago!

Publish Time:Friday, March 06, 2015

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