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Treasure Hunter – Pulse Cores

Earn pulse cores on Treasure Hunter this weekend and help your mates with stackable XP buffs.

Which is available from 00:00 UTC on 10th April it’s an easy way to suit your needs along with your friends to learn from skilling together.

Pulse cores stack with your inventory or your wallet slot, with each acts like a chunk of Bonus XP, granting you  increased XP in whatever skill you’re training.buy runescape gold

If a core depletes, it sparks a pulse wave, granting everyone in immediate vicinity a couple% XP boost for ten minutes,  plus another such as replenished prayer or life points, or stat boosts in order to many skill sets.

This tends to compare in order to 5 times, for any maximum of 10% XP boost, and each pulse that affects a farmer will renew the 10  minute duration.

Be aware that you can't receive the 10 minute XP buff from depletion of your own pulse cores – only others’ cores.  Also, Ironman accounts cannot obtain buffs.

So stock up, gather some friends, and get ready for some awesome XP gains.

Publish Time:Friday, April 10, 2015

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