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Usability Updates

You can now drag and drop items between the inventory and the beast of burden interface, Grand Exchange and your worn equipment.

Food burned while cooking in Daemonheim now stacks.

It's now possible to toggle off the quick inventory slots.

Removing all items that you're wearing via the icon in your bank will no longer remove active auras.

Bonus XP is now shown in the tooltip displayed when you hover over an XP progress circle, and beneath your XP total.

Key binds (the 1-3 keys) have been added to the conversion interface used while training Divination.

The text displayed on successful wasteless smithing is now orange.

Familiar options will be shown in banks, even when they're toggled off.

You can now right-click the Daemonheim smuggler and click 'collect' to receive runes. Also, if you've bound a potion, you'll get it on entering a dungeon.

There's a new 'fill' option on the gem bag.

Please note: the Coinshare update mentioned in Mod Mark's most recent Behind the Scenes article is coming next week. We've held it back for technical reasons, to ensure it's ready for release.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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