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runescape strategies for novice3

After burying the bones , and the warrior you talk , he will give you a bow and 30 arrows, you can kill a rat in a cage outside . After killing mice , according to the arrows indicate leave the basement. To a house inside, and the arrows indicate the person talking , this person is a bank clerk , click yes, you can see inside your bank runescape money 25 's . After the talk and bank staff to open the door next to it. And talking to people inside , he actually teach you how to earn rs gold. There are many ways to earn rs gold , killed the guards , people , monsters, you will get cheap rs gold. We can note that some specialized RBI places where there is food and blood, there are a lot of monsters .

Well, out the door , indicated by the arrow to the church , the priest will teach you how to pray . Your priests interface control interface (prayer) will appear. In fact, prayer is to restore the value of your priests , this altar (altar) click , you can recover the value of the priests . Continue to talk to him , he will teach you how to chat in the game. But chat only accept English, can not enter the Chinese . If you would like to chat with Chinese open qq or msn next talk , me and my friends is such chat . There he will teach you other techniques , including how to put people blacklisted. And he talked over, opened the door , down the road , into the magician 's room.

After the magician and talk to your spellbook control interface will be used. The need to use magic magic scrolls , they are divided into : the spirit (mind), air (air), water (water), soil (earth), fire (fire) and other 10 kinds . Different needs of each reel magic , magic books you have recorded . To a lot of magic together with several reels , but there are requirements for level magician . You are now the magic is certainly one . All skills are a start . Lay down all weapons in your hands , open magic book , see the magic : Magic (wind strike) has to be used. Note the use of magic , you can not hold the hands of the bow , otherwise it will default to use a bow and arrow attack. Empty-handed sword or magic can be sent . After you have a magic wand magician and other special weapons, including wind of the stick , the water rod, fire , earth 's stick , they can buy in the store. When you equip them, you do not have to carry this series magic scrolls can use magic. But each can only equip a magic wand in hand , the other must carry a magic scrolls , but also to bring the spirit of the reel , in front of more than 10 levels need to use magic . After using magic to kill the chickens inside the cage , and the magician talk again , you can enter a formal game.

Publish Time:Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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