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what are your better and the majority memorable moments

Why not let us know what your better and the majority memorable moments were in 2013? Discuss them here.

Although it’s been a fantastic year, I do believe we are able to only still improve if we reflect on a number of the things we didn’t get quite right. We’re as human because the rest of you, so we make mistakes too. What matters most is the fact we learn and improve, so we’re always building a better game and providing you an even better service.

Considered one of our disappointments is always that we haven’t yet met our full ambitions within the HTML5 game client. I could to get well ahead of the tech curve; an immense effort was put into re-coding our entire game to consider benefit from an emerging web technology to offer our players the perfect experience. Unfortunately, we have got there too early, and are still anticipating the browser platforms to catch up. About the advantages though, this work has positioned us adequately money, so we realize it’ll come good soon enough.

The opposite topic I wanted to address was network service instability. This season there was two spates of DDoS flooding, performed by malicious people who attempted to interrupt our connectivity and damage the experience experience to suit your needs. I must apologise again with the inconvenience any one you might have suffered because of these troublemakers, and reassure you that - in reaction - we have now made major upgrades to the infrastructure; have a number of criminal investigations underway; and - overall - tend to be robust previously.

I only say all of this any time, though the thing I’m most like to show off is our community – you, as our players, deserve one of the most celebration.

Publish Time:Monday, May 26, 2014

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