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Legion Class Preview Series: Shaman

Welcome to our World of Warcraft: corps-level preview of the series. At this point, we"Rediscover Sa full to find out what is in store for different categories, check out the overview.

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We will continue to advance what our class, professional design and shaman understanding. to
In his blog, we will explore the class identity, discuss new design corps, and laid the basis for specialized talent and the heritage of each core combat capability will be further strengthened. With that in mind, let us study in depth, because things Azeroth and Draenor tribal culture by Warcraft.For Saman meaning thousands of years, the natural elements of the material universe has been celebrated, fear, and even It is worship. Mystics seek communion with the earth, air, fire, water, learn to tap their raw power. Over time, these spiritual leaders came to understand that the element is not entirely benevolent forces of nature, but in fact, locked in intense confusion and endless conflicts turned out in the field, once depleting substances. So began a wizard, and then these volatile energy balance, using its power to repair the wound. . . Or cause them.

Shaman totem is the prototype must be used, we are addressing some of the long-standing problems with their mechanisms. For a long time there have been
Significant checks and associated totem, like the fact that they can only
Shaman may fall at the feet, or that they have only 5 health, or no more than one and the same basic type can be active at the same time. While the purpose of these restrictions is to ensure that the totem is unique, they end
Strange drove us to create tools that enable the shaman to bypass these restrictions, such as a projector or totem totem persistence. In the Legion, we eliminate this embarrassment, just remove these constraints.

Now you can put the same type of totem nature together, so you have a trend, Stream Totem Totem treatment process at the same time. Element is no longer dependent on the totem, but track and assist your guardian. Totem "is always equal to a percentage of maximum health is your greatest value of life. In addition, a specific location will be used need to be placed directly at Totem reticle placed in. If you want to Earthgrab totem in the middle of nasty orcs large package, you can do With this in mind, without having to go to contamination or use single-throw totem spell there. Generally, totem machinery are concentrated in temporary impact (either favorable or hostile), local area, rather than "holding fan" cooling time, you
The need to ensure that at any time.

Finally, we need to clear the shaman's resources, particularly mobile
Away from the fan cover several key resources. Lightning Shield charges
Elemental shaman, enhancement shaman Maelstrom Weapon expense, and is replaced by elements of magic, and to strengthen cooperation with the new resource: a large whirlpool. Mana is a suitable restoration shaman resources, we will continue to specifications.

Publish Time:Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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