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RuneScape Halloween Event soul gauntlet

RS Gold still brings Halloween activities this week, and give us a surprise. Soul gauntlet is Runelabs, you can see every post, you might next in the game to see an update in Runelabs. The game from 00:00 UTC on October 27 began, and during the two weeks until Halloween.

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Forged Cinderquill of Runelabs implied malice fire, this year's Halloween activities with your journey to hell, help Icthlarin to Amascut ravages. There is no requirement for this event. You can enter the cracks of the soul by the Burthorpe magnet. Rescued from the river jetty began to attach great importance. Occasionally, special soul will produce, which will grant you XP, skills in the type of the collected decision.

20 After soul has been collected, you can cross the bridge to escort the soul, against Amascut the Devourer along the way, with the power to your fight or divination. Note that the fighting beast devouring did not provide XP, so there is the risk of any unnecessary fights to earn XP. Every 15 minutes, Amascut avatar will produce, and must be defeated. Team, and take the beast down. You will get Enze body attended the event. In addition, during the event or training Skilling surface world fighting occasionally spawned a lost spirit. The spirit of calm XP, and then put them in the Sinn Derkwill grace in the underworld of the body. This can be used in some unique rewards: covering Kharidian pet cat, XP lamps, death animation. XP lights are available in your choice of skills. Death animations are covered by Devourer being dragged into hell. This can be switched in the death house.

Members also have access to the following awards: vanilla burner and tombstones coverage. As the interests of another member of the underworld also held another Ectofuntus. This is much like the panel, although there is no need to traverse the floor to pick up mud bucket, so pray training have a good deal faster.


Publish Time:Friday, October 30, 2015

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