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Runescape players will become the victims Swatting

A RuneScape player in last week became the so-called "Swattings" The latest victim - when he saw just 60,000 people in convulsions.
SWAT team paid a 27-year-old Joshua Peters from Minnesota on Thursday after a visit from the police received a phone call in front. According to Peters, the 10-year-old brother opened the door, and where weapons pointed at him.
In the video you can see his reaction, it logically does not always understand, especially also live at risk in this way.
"I do not give you what dog feces to me or me to you to do. For this, I have yet to find the words. If you have a problem with me, so long as it is in any way with me and my family do not Pull into it. They do not deserve. "
ABC News compared, he said, he did not know who to call or reason these fake. Now, he is working with the departments concerned to determine those responsible.
In Las Vegas, at the same time, 19-year-old Brandon "performers God" Wilson was arrested - he was thrown out, inter alia, in July last year, has made Cookin call, he reported to the police apparently is a murder after SWAT team deployment. . Later, the package as a "prank calls" a funny, but it is not really something.
In his computer was found based on the evidence the authorities, but also for the "similar events across the country," reports the Chicago Sun-Times (via Ars Technica's).
Wilson also accused computer manipulation, threats and identity theft. He faces up to five years' imprisonment.
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Publish Time:Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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